Sun 3/260

Sun 3/260 and sofa to scale
  • Make: Sun Microsystems
  • Model: 3/260
  • CPU/FPU: Motorola 68020 @ 25MHz / 68881 @ 20MHz
  • RAM: 32 MB (4x8MB boards)
  • Storage: 1x 312 MB SCSI hard disk; 1x 60MB QIC tape
  • Manufactured: 1986(?) Original list price was $30,000-$50,000.
  • Acquired: 1996, from City University via DKB. I think this machine actually hosted Monochrome at some point.
  • Sold: 2003, via Ebay
  • Measurements: 32(w) x 64(d) x 73(h) cm (12.5" x 25" x 29" approx) (depth includes VME card ejectors, height includes castors)
  • OS: Originally SunOS 4, but will run NetBSD.


VME bus deskside chassis. Fairly heavy (I haven't got it on the scales recently, but somewhere about 60kg seems likely). Probably the ugliest box I have ever owned, but quite a zippy machine (once booted). Also easy to manoeuvre thanks to castors... unfortunately they aren't quite strong enough so a couple of wheels are broken (but it still moves around easily enough).

Makes a charming and unusual side table (see end photo).


2x serial ports, AUI ethernet, 9-pin mono hi-res graphics, type3 keyboard input, norm/diag switch, reset button, and a row of pretty diagnostic lights. "Ear Protection Must Be Worn" sign stuck on side (not thought to be an original feature). It's not actually that noisy. Well, not quite.


Sun 3/260 Back Sun 3/260 Back Sun 3/260 Tape Drive Sun 3/260 Front Naked Sun 3/260 used as a Side Table