Nokia 9000i Communicator

Nokia 9000i with accessories
  • Make: Nokia
  • Model: 9000i
  • CPU: 80386 @ 25MHz
  • RAM: ??
  • OS: GEOS 3.0
  • Screen: 640x200 greyscale (8 shades)
  • Acquired: 2000. Insurance replacement for the one I'd owned since 1998, which was left under an air hockey table in the Trocadero.
  • Measurements: 173x64x38 mm




Note: My digital camera has trouble taking pictures of screens, hence artifacts such as dark patches and being out of focus. The actual screen image on the 9000i is flawless, in fact is one of the easiest-to-read screens I've ever used.

Nokia 9000i Nokia 9000i screen closeup