Sun 386i

Sun386i with monitor keyboard and mouse
  • Make: Sun Microsystems
  • Model: 386i/250
  • CPU/FPU: Intel 80386DX @ 25MHz / 80387 @ 25MHz
  • RAM: 16 MB (16x1MB SIMMs)
  • Storage: 1x 90 MB SCSI hard disk; 1x 1.44MB 3.5" floppy
  • Graphics: cg3 colour framebuffer
  • Manufactured: 1988(?) Original list price was $11000 with monitor.
  • Acquired: 1998(?), from City University. Original monitor died, got a replacement from batfink.
  • Sold: 2003, via Ebay
  • Measurements: A standard Midi-tower PC case
  • OS: SunOS 4.0.2. No-one has ported a modern OS yet. In theory it should be relatively easy...


Sun's short-lived experiment with Intel processors is not up to much these days, especially since no-one can be bothered to port a decent OS, but with a Sony 20" monitor it makes a damn fine X-terminal.

Sturdy, heavy case with two front-end fans (plus the PSU) makes this noisier than most PCs, but it's a (I think) pleasant whooshing rather than whining noise.


Serial and parallel ports, AUI ethernet, unique 21w4 socket which connects to both monitor and keyboard/mouse via a special T-cable. Row of pretty diagnostic lights on the back. The double-beep on powerup is believed to be the origin of the line's nickname Roadrunner.


Note: My digital camera is not very good at taking pictures of monitor screens, hence dark patches and focus problems. The actual screen image is fine. And the hazard tape is just decorative (I went through a phase a few years ago...), not structural! The top-left of the monitor sports a "Tazo" badge depicting Roadrunner with Wil E Coyote in pursuit.

Sun 386i/250 Front Sun 386i/250 Badge Sun 386i/250 Back Sun 386i/250 Back Sticker Sun 386i/250 Setup On Sun 386i/250 Boot Screen Sun 386i/250 Side Sun 386i/250 Inside Sun 386i/250 Inside